Sex and ADHD

ADHD may make it difficult to concentrate during sexual intercourse, with ones mind drifting off to other thoughts. This can lead to difficulties maintaining an erection or having an orgasm. A study of 136 outpatients with ADHD showed that 39% of male and 43% of female ADHD patients respectively had symptoms of a sexual dysfunction. Impulsivity and poor planning leads to higher rates of developing a sexually transmitted infection.

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ADHD was traditionally thought to just affect children and teenagers. Now it is recognised that most people with ADHD do not ‘grow out of it’ and it usually continues into adulthood.

Physical health problems

Physical health problems associated with ADHD including obesity, epilepsy and migraine


My behaviour seemed to have become more challenging during the menopause and post-menopause with the attendant hot flushes, mood swings, physical changes etc. I was even less able to cope.

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