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Consultant Psychiatrist

Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr Sally Cubbin is a highly qualified, experienced, sensitive and caring Consultant Psychiatrist with special expertise in the diagnosis and management of adult ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in adults). She will consider referrals from age 18, sometimes from age 16.

Her interest and expertise in psychotherapy compliments the medical management of her patients and puts her in the position of being able to offer both a medical and psychological assessment and approach to treatment simultaneously.

She holds a Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy from Oxford University and uses these skills for the treatment of mental illness using a psychological approach to compliment her medical skills. She has a special interest in insomnia and sleep disorders secondary to ADHD and sees optimising sleep as an important approach to improving mental health. She also sees diet and lifestyle factors such as exercise and routine as a key part of a treatment strategy.

Dr Cubbin is passionate about improving ADHD treatment for adults. She has participated in the development of consensus statements with other health care professionals on ‘Treatment of ADHD in women’, and ‘ADHD in the UK: A failure of healthcare provision’.

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Dr Sally Cubbin

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Dr Sally Cubbin was first registered by the General Medical Council (GMC) in 1993 (GMC number 4009027).  She holds the degrees Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBChB) from the University of Bristol, UK as well as a Masters Degree (MSc) in Psychological Medicine (University of Wales, Cardiff, 2000). She completed her higher training in psychiatry in the Oxford Deanery and also The Maudsley Hospital, London.  She is a Member by examination of the Royal College of Psychiatrists (2000) and has been awarded a Certificate of Completion of Specialist Training (CCT) for her training in the UK. She is registered on the GMC Specialist Register for General Adult Psychiatry and the Psychiatry of Older Adults.

She is a member of the executive committee and training sub committee of the UK Adult ADHD Network, UKAAN (http://www.ukaan.org/), which is led by Professor Asherson at the Institute of Psychiatry in London. As part of this role Dr Cubbin runs one day workshops on the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD aimed at increasing the knowledge of general psychiatrists.


She worked as a Consultant Psychiatrist at the Maudsley Hospital Adult ADHD National Referral Service in London for four years between 2008 and 2012 where she assessed and managed patients with this disorder. She has also worked in the NHS as a Consultant General Adult Psychiatrist in Hampshire and in Neuropsychiatry at the National Brain Injury Centre at St Andrews Hospital, Northampton. In recent years, she has provided the Adult ADHD Service for Hampshire and more recently Southampton City.

Teaching and publications

She has worked as both a clinical skills tutor and an academic tutor to Oxford University medical school and continued to contribute to training junior doctors during her time as an NHS consultant. She currently runs workshops attended by GP’s, psychiatrists, nurses, psychologists and pharmacists on how to assess and treat Adult ADHD. Sally has published two guides to adult ADHD for GPs in 2020 and 2014. In 2020 this was published in the British Medical Journal.  In 2014 her education piece was published in Clinical Focus Primary Care (ADHD: A lifespan disorder often unrecognised or misdiagnosed. Cubbin S and Jeffs J. Clinical Focus Primary Care.2014 8(2): 78-85). She has written a book chapter on ADHD in adults with autism. This book (A Clinician’s Guide to Mental Health Conditions in Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder: Assessment and Interventions. Jessica Kingsley Publishers) is written for health care professionals treating patients suffering autistic spectrum disorders. She has also written two chapters for the book 'Understanding ADHD in Girls and Women' published in April 2021 by Jessica Kingsley

Dr Sally Cubbin is also contributing to updating and rewriting a number of chapters for a planned new edition of the UKAAN (UK Adult ADHD network) manual for clinicians ‘Handbook for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in Adults’.

In November 2020, Dr Sally Cubbin featured in the Cosmopolitan article 'Why are so many women only diagnosed with ADHD in adulthood?'

Research interests: Dr Cubbin has been involved in a trial testing the ability of a computer game to help diagnose ADHD - Eye Vergence Responses During an Attention Task in Adults With ADHD and Clinical Controls. This was published in the Journal of Attention Disorders in 2020.

Personal: She has an interesting and broad background as a medical doctor and has previously held appointments in accident and emergency medicine as well as in paediatrics. She has travelled extensively and has worked abroad. Her interest in expedition medicine has led to voluntary work participating as expedition doctor on a Raleigh International expedition to South America. Sally is interested in canoeing, cycling, photography, travel and hiking. She is married with five step children.

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I was worried about not being taken seriously as an outwardly successful adult requesting an assessment for ADHD for the first time at age 37! I needn't have worried. As a mother of a son of 32 yrs who I have always suspected had ADHD, or if not ADHD a problem of some sort. To finally find someone not only to listen to you but also believe in what your saying, was beyond words for our family. We were all very apprehensive about our appointment no more so than our son, who was very nervous. We had no need to worry.

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