Zoning out

Josh’s ADHD story

Josh was really struggling to focus at work, in his cubicle, in an open plan office. The office floor was loud and distracting and he could not concentrate. He was also irritating other colleagues as he would fidget so much that the table next door to his cubicle would shake.

His manager had questioned how hard he was working and how productive he was as he would frequently get up to get water, coffee, visit the bathroom or go to the printer. He really wanted to succeed as he had made a lot of job changes already in his young career and yet he was already getting behind with his workload. He found it impossible not to listen in on sales colleagues on the phone in adjacent cubicles. In meetings he struggled to stay engaged with the agenda and not get distracted by things going on outside the window or just by his own thoughts, readily drifting off. He would then realise he had zoned out and would get stressed as he would have lost track of the groups conversation.

ADHD stories

We have heard hundreds of people describing how their lives have been affected by undiagnosed ADHD. Some of these real life stories, but not real names or images, are shared here.

Typical ADHD Symptoms

ADHD presents in many different ways. It is characterized by three main groups of behavior traits and a range of typical additional behaviours within these.

Who are The ADHD Clinic?

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I used to flit from one job to another being fired. I was extremely disorganized and always wondering what I'd forgot or who I might have let down, I was in awe of how most people did these "easy" tasks that I seemed to be failing at. My self esteem was low. But after treatment, I can now hold down jobs, I look forward to work, I feel competent and useful, like my opinions matter and that I can contribute something positive to the future. Before starting treatment my career goals were "don't get fired". Now I look forward to the future, and all the things I could be and do in my work life.

Extract from iwantgreatcare.org recommendation.


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